Album Release

To all Hoof fans out there – This is the official Cloven Hoof web site, so check in here for the genuine up to the minute news direct from the band.


At long last the hoof faithful will be in metal nirvana in mid April, that is when the new album Absolute power will be released on Xzec Records. TOM GALLEY of the PHENOMENA project fame will be producing the album that is at an advanced recording stage. A deal has been reached that ensures continuity of the CLOVEN HOOF catalogue, so no more big gaps between album releases.

Because the expectations of the fans is so high, nothing less than the best ever CLOVEN HOOF album is required. The sound production and content had to be perfect, and it is true to say the band has been trying to get TOM GALLEY to take the production helm since 1984! Tom has always worked with musicians of the highest calabre such as Brian May , Cozy Powell, Neil Murray, John Thomas, Glenn Hughes, Ted McKenna, Mel Galley, Don Airey, Peter Green, John Wetton, Ray Gillan, Scott Gorham, the list goes on…

Well in 2005 the HOOF finally got there man, so prepare for a masterwork of true epic metal! Absolute Power CLOVEN HOOF 2005 style. True metal at it’s best!

After endless re-recording of demo’s and changing personnel, the full track listing for the opus is:

Whore of Babylon
Absolute Power
Angels in Hell
Kiss of Evil
Eye of the Sun
King for a Day
Freak Show
Running Man

The bands debut EP The Opening Ritual will be re-released on Xzec records in 2005 also, on a DVD that will include live video clips and a booklet with never seen before pictures. So exciting times ahead for the CLOVEN HOOF metal machine, and it’s word-wide faithful coven! Get ready to Rock!

We hope this web site gives an insight of exacly where the band are coming from and going too. Cloven Hoof want the fans to be as much a part of it as the band are!

Mission Statement…No Compromise!

That is what Cloven Hoof has always been about. Musical freedom and integrity is all important to the band, So how would you classify the music? Well that is simple… Classic traditional British Heavy Metal! You better believe it! And the band are proud to be associated with the greatest and most loyal fan base in the world…It’s great to be back!