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Track-1: Inquisitor From The New Album “The Definitive Part One
Track-2: Gates of Gehenna From The New Album “The Definitive Part One”
Track-3: Kiss of Evil From The New Album “The Definitive Part One”
Track-4: Laying Down the Law From The New Album “The Definitive Part One”
Track-5: Mistress of the Forest From The New Album “The Definitive Part One”
Track-6: Mutilator From The New Album “The Definitive Part One”


“Dominator”, “Sultans Ransom”, “Cloven Hoof”, if these titles are familiar, then rejoice one of the best NWOBHM bands is back with a vengeance. They were close to success with the much underrated from some people”Dominator”, still they never gave it up. Now after three studio albums they return with a new singer Matt Moreton (ex TOKYO ROSE) and a friend from the past the original member, bassist Lee Payne, with a new studio album under the name of “Eye of the sun” Having listen to a lot of these NWOBHM reunion albums, that most of them are boring shit, this album is a premier League album. They always were close to the sound of bands like. IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, but more melodic. These time they go a little further ,bringing some new elements a little harder, like thrash elements form 80s bands like ONSLAUGHT at songs like “absolute power”, “king for a day”, while their classic metal background shines at songs like “inquisitor”, “eye of the zombie”. Following the tradition of bands like TOKYO BLADE, GRIM REAPER, they stick in playing powerful, guitar oriented heavy metal, with strong melodic lines and at the end they release an album ageless .As for their new singer is a real good choice, honoring the long story of good singers for the band. This is an album real treasure for every friend of classical European heavy metal and especially NWOBHM, as it should have evolved to be, today!